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Tempo Tuesday: Daily Workout - 08.01.17

August 1, 2017

Tempo Tuesday workout for today! This is a solid set for starting to build up some half marathon fitness or to work on "steady state training" (SST). Basically that means mostly zone 3 work today! 


Warm up: 

10' easy running, slowly building into mid zone 2

3x30" pick up to 5k feel, 30" easy aka just shuffling around. 

2' back to zone 2 feel/pace. 

(15' warm up)


Main Set x3

1' upper zone 2

3' zone 3 - building

1' low zone 4

4' Easy - using the 1st 1' to shuffle easy then 3' in low/mid zone 2. 

(9' rounds/27' set/42' total) 

**For that 5' main segment, your pace should be building slowing, don't force a hard effort from the gun trying to get your HR up into upper zone 2. Allow it to rise slowly through that full 5' of zone 2 to zone 4 and only elevate the pace on the back half to get the HR to match (if you're running based on Pace, then ignore that last part haha)** 



3' finish at a super easy pace (which is easier than what you think you should go, whatever your normal long run pace is, add 1:30-2:00 to that pace per mile and that's where you should be running) 


This touches a little bit of every training zone and it's fairly effective in getting more "bang for your buck" and that once your body adjust to such a work load you can use it a bit more often and recover more effectively from set to set (with the appropriate recovery workouts between harder sets of course). 

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