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Swim set for those who kick too much: Daily Workout - 08.02.17

August 2, 2017

I had a new swimmer at Lunch Masters today and she came from a soccer and running background. Which naturally meant she kicked a lot when she swam, it might have been the most kicking I've seen in a while actually, Close to 8 kicks per single arm stroke (aka 16 kicks for a cycle of right hand starting a pull till it starts again). So here are a few things that can help fix that. 


But why would you want to fix it? 

- Balance issues from over kicking

- Burning the legs so when you have to bike/run there isn't much juice left (yes she was a triathlete, otherwise I wouldn't have been as determined to get her to kick less). 

- Quads are big muscles and it requires a lot of oxygen to get them moving... which means you're burning more energy and going into a greater oxygen debt from all that kicking. 


The Workout: 


Warm up: 

300 choice swim

10x50 w/fins - 25 drill/25 swim

- Drill: Freestyle with a dolphin kick -

**The goal of this drill is to slow the kick to a 2-beat kick and you're only kicking when your hand enters the water after the recover portion of the stroke. It helps with timing, kicking less overall, and keeping your feet on top of the water without using too much energy. 

(800 warm up) 


Main Set: Bookend efforts with some drill work in between. 

3x300 on 45" rest (we had longer rest today because it was 105 outside and the pool is usually around 82 degrees. 

- 300's done as 50 fast, 200 cruise, 50 fast

4x25 with buoy between the ankles on 15-20" rest

- Goal here is to have tension in your core to help keep the legs up without kicking. Also speeding up the stroke rate. 

3x200 on 45" rest

- 25 fast, 150 cruise, 25 fast

4x25 same as above

(1700 main set/2500 total) 


Add on main set if extra yardage is needed: 

3x100 on 30" 

- 25 fast, 50 cruise, 25 fast

4x25 same

(400 add on/2900 total) 


Warm down

6x50 on 20" rest

- #1: Build

- #2: Drill: Freestyle with Dolphin kick

- #3: Swim pretty with a 2-beat kick

(300 warm down) 

- Total: 2800-3200. 


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