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Teamwork from afar - Strength challenge: Daily+ Workout - 08.03.17

August 3, 2017

I read Living With A Seal a few months back and also joined the Facebook group that followed suit. The Facebook group has monthly challenges and if you complete it, Jesse Itzler (the guy who wrote the book and who's name is on the Facebook page) donates $100 to that months chosen charity. 


This month's challenge is a "teamwork" challenge where you and your PIC (Partner In Crime) try to hit a certain number of reps by the end of the month. 

Gold: 3,000 burpees, push ups, sit ups, broad jumps, chair dips, 60min of planks, and 160mi of running. 

Silver: 2,000 burpees, push ups, sit ups, broad jumps(1000), chair dips, 50min of planks, and 100mi of running. 

Bronze: 1,000 burpees, push ups, sit ups, broad jumps(500), chair dips, 30min of planks, and 60mi of running

I'm basing the following numbers of reps on 25 days of workouts, out of 31. Leaving time for days off, sick/travel time, and other unforeseen things. The miles I put as a weekly total vs daily since that fits the triathlete and my coaching mindset better for this particular example. 


The below chart shows the level of achievement, the exercise, and reps per day per person (since the work is divided between you and your teammate). 

 I'm doing the Bronze challenge, mainly because my disdain for burpees and that I don't want to drain too much energy that it hurts my bike/run workouts. I also like to mix things up so it's not the same every time I do the workout, though I am doing the same amount of reps. 


Adjust as needed, but here are a few options for breaking things up, just do more rounds if you're doing the silver or gold challenge. I'm excluding running since I'll take care of that outside of these strength workouts and I'm doing more planks that recommended in the bronze group, it helps with the core and prevents some other issues down the line. 


Option 1: 4 rounds

Burpee x5

Sit up x5

Push ups x5

Chair dips x5

Broad jumps or Jump Squats x2-3 (adjust as needed to reach total) 

Plank for 30-45" 


Option 2: 2 rounds

Burpee x10

Sit up x10

Push ups x10

Chair dips x10

Broad jumps or Jump Squats x5 

Plank for 45-60"


Option 3: 10 rounds - this is build for a bit more speed

**Changed the order for it to make the most-ish sense based on body position and if you're standing or on the mat

Burpee x2

Broad jumps or Jump Squats x1

Push ups x2

Sit up x2

Plank for 15-20" 

Chair dips x2


Option 4: 5 rounds

Burpee x4

Sit up x4

Push ups x4

Chair dips x4

Broad jumps or Jump Squats x2

Plank for 20-30" 


Option 5: Singles of each which means 20 rounds! 

**Changed the order for it to make the most-ish sense based on body position and if you're standing or on the mat

Burpee x1

Broad jumps or Jump Squats x1

Push ups x1

Sit up x1

Plank for 10-15" 

Chair dips x1


Hopefully this will help you out a bit! Enjoy changing things up a bit and ease into this so you're not too sore for the next days workout. 

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