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SST 2017 #1 of 10: Daily Workout - 08.04.17

August 4, 2017

Mark this as workout #1 of a 10 week build up of intensity. It'll be a good series that you can start up and build your zone 3 and zone 4 work over the course of 10 weeks. This will work on zone 3 and 4 efforts, shooting for that SST (steady state training) range that has been outlined via Hunter Allen and Andrew Coggins. The workouts will last around 60-75' but adjust as needed


These workouts will be based on both wattage and HR numbers. If you have wattage then go off that number, if you don't have wattage then that's the only time you should go based off HR. Either way this will be a percentage of your FTP number.


Warm up: 

10' easy and building towards low end zone 2

3x(30" high cadence/30" soft pedal) 

3' zone 2 (mid to low range) 

2' zone 3 (mid range) 

2' easy - aka 50% of FTP

(20' warm up) 


Main Set: 4 rounds

4' @75-80% wattage or 80-85% HR 

1' @80-90% w or 85-95% HR

4' @50% w or easy effort to get HR back into zone 2

1' @60% w or HR in mid zone 2

**With the 1' @80-90%, build by round so not to overexert yourself in the first two rounds** 

(10' rounds/40' set/60' total) 


Warm down: 

- Take a few extra minutes to spin easy here, if/as needed



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