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Base run w/focal points: Daily Workout 08.09.17

August 9, 2017

This is a style of run I tend to do 2x/week, once on Tuesday for a 4 miler and once over the weekend as a 7-8 miler. Typically always on a trail since it's easier on the impact range and helps strengthen the hips a bit. 


When I'm not focused on a run, here's what tends to happen: 

- Relax the hips and stick my butt out

- Gently leaning forward with the sternum while sticking my butt out

- Swinging my leg through, which has a higher potential for tripping and having a yard sale (definition #4)

- Looking down at the ground 3 feet in front of me (byproduct of points #1&2). 


What I should be doing and why I do these focal point runs while not focusing too hard on the effort: 

- Keeping tension in my core to push my hips forward, helping me run more upright. 

- Leaning forward from the ankles and keeping my ankles, hips, and shoulders in a line. (not straight up and down, but a straight line that's gently slanted forward) 

- Lifting up my knees, forward knee drive, once my feet leave the ground on my push off. aka picking up my feet! 

- Looking more on the horizon, where you can see about 10-15 feet in front of you and plan your line ahead of time. 

- Arm movement: Hip to Heart or as I like to say "hip to nip" since it rhymes. Keeping the hands focused on forward motion and not kicking them backwards, your feet will follow suit.



Anywhere between 30 and 75min where you keep the effort in zone 2 and focus on your form. Every 3-5' change the focus and try to connect all the dots. 

- Typically my Tuesday run is 40' and my Sunday run is 75'. 


Get out there and keep that form in check! If you don't work on it during training, it definitely won't happen during a race when you're tired and just focused on surviving.  

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