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Distance Sandwich swim set - Daily Workout: 08.14.17

August 14, 2017

I'll be on deck this afternoon coaching Lunch Masters at the Tualatin Hills Aquatics Center and here's the workout I plan on unleashing. I like this style of swim set because it gives you a little bit of everything. Which means no single person will enjoy the whole thing, but everyone should be able to take a little joy out of some part of the the set haha. 


Warm up: 

300 choice

4x100 on 15" rest

- 50 drill/50 swim w/fins

4x50 kick w/fins on 1:00 interval

- Desc #1-4

(900 warm up) 


Main Set: 

600 pull on 1' rest

- Every 3rd 25 push 

6x75 on 15" rest

- Odds: Breath 5/3/5 by 25's

- Evens: Build x25's

6x25 on 30-40" interval

- #1: Easy non-free

- #2: Build

- #3: Fast arm turnover

600 on 1' rest

- Negative Split

(1800 main/2700 total) 

*For some of the groups the workout will be 500/4x75/4x25 Desc 1-4/500, but same overall pattern


Add on set if time allots: 

100 easy swim

2x50 fast on 1:00 interval

100 easy swim

2x25 sprint on 40" interval

(400 set/3100 total) 


Warm down: 

200 easy

- Total: 2900 or 3300 

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