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Single Leg drills - Skills n' Drill Wednesday - Daily Workout 08.16.17

August 16, 2017

Wednesday seems like a good day to discuss a skill or drill that you can do, why we do it, and a workout that we can incorporate it. 


This Wednesday I'm focused on single leg drills while on the bike (more specifically, the trainer). 

Why Single Leg Drills?: 

* Teaching your hamstrings, glutes, and hip flexors how to fire and when they need to fire when on the bike. 

* So you don't only smash down on the pedals, over emphasizing the quads and eventually leading to numb/tingling toes. 

* Smoother pedal stroke that will help with equal power distribution


The technique: 

*Focus on a 3 o'clock to 9 o'clock pedal stroke, so instead of "up and down" you focus on "forward then back" This helps eliminate the dead spot at the top of the pedal stroke and gets that foot up and over. 


The Workout: When doing the single leg segments, wattage should be in zone 2 and cadence in the low 80's. Adjust the wattage as needed to help keep the pedal stroke smooth but at a normal cadence, you're not at 50rpm's like you're climbing. Fast up and over. 


Warm up: 

10' easy effort, waking up the legs and sticking around 50% of FTP 


Main Set: 2 rounds

3x[30" right leg/30" both legs/30" right leg/30" both legs] - 6' segment of single leg switches

3' low/mid zone 2

3x(30" high cadence/30" soft pedal) - keep that pedal stroke nice and smooth here

2' low end zone 3

2' mid range zone 2, keeping your cadence in the 80's

(16' rounds/32' main set/42' total) 


Warm down: 

3' @40-50%


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