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Triple Stack - Daily Workout: 08.21.17

August 21, 2017

Today I bring you the Triple Stack, which basically reminds me of pancakes, but for this rendition it means three rounds of the main set. 


As I tend to do on Monday: 

- Pulling of 1000-1500 

- Distance focus with some stuff over 400's 

- Skills and drills at the start (but I do that with all workouts, so not much different there) 


Warm up: 

3x300 on 30" rest

- #1: choice

- #2: 50 kick/50 swim w/fins

- #3: 50 drill/50 swim w/fins

*Drill: Thumb Drag drill: 

- Focus on high elbows and after you touch your armpit then fully extend your hand outward before entering the water. 

- Drill video is from :30-:52

(900 warm up) 


Main Set x3

400 pull on 30" rest

- Desc by round to 85%

2x150 on 20" rest

- #1: 50 thumb drag drill/100 cruise and focus on high elbows 

- #2: Breath every 3rd/5th/3rd stroke by 50. 

(700 round/2100 main/3000 total) 


Warm down: 

50 easy swim

2x25 finger drag drill

100 easy swim - focus on ending with good form

(200 warm down) 


Total: 3200 

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