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Rugby Conditioning: Flashback 2016 workout

August 22, 2017

This is a flashback post from June 2016... but I'm watching the Women's Rugby World Cup right now. USA vs New Zealand in the Semi's... the first time ever USA has been in the semi's. 15-7 at half, it's been a great game thus far!  


Original Post

I started volunteer coaching a HS women's rugby team a few weeks back, with really only two weeks left in their season as I found out after showing up. I've always been intrigued by rugby and played it for a semester in College as well. It was an interesting opportunity and one I jumped at in order to learn new perspectives in coaching. That head coach invited me to come help out with the Wisconsin's Women All-Stars team two weeks after 7's season ended. I jumped at the opportunity as I was put in charge of their conditioning program. It was only three practices before they head off to a competition down in N.C.


Here's the conditioning workout for June 7th, their first practice together.


Warm up: 

- Jog a lap: 

- Dynamic Warm Up: Toe flicks, High knee Caraoke, Toe Touches, DYNA walk, Russian Kicks, Lunge & Twist, Arm Circles, Skip for Height/Length


4 Corners: Pair Up w/similar size/position. Start with exercise and run to next cone to complete the next exercise, be sure to keep up with your partner. Each cone was a 5-8" run away from each other. 


1st cone - Push ups x10

2nd cone - Leg Lifts x10

3rd cone - Squats x10

4th cone - 2 position sit up x10/side

- 1st round: Run hard between stations. 

- 2nd round: Piggy back rides (switch after every station. Good for building run strength when people are trying to tackle you)

**Water Break** It was hot this day so we alloted a 2' water break. 

- 3rd round: Run hard

- 4th round: Hold pants run (resisted run, switch each station, hold shirt or pants. This also was a strength running exercise since we didn't have sleds). 


**Water Break** 


That was it! I had a blast and made them work hard... great team that worked hard. 

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