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Tempo Tuesday Week 5 of 10 - Daily Workout 08.29.17

August 29, 2017

Here is week 5 of 10 of this tempo running build up! 


Links to previous weeks: 

Week 1

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Week 5: shifting time spent in each zone to give you 6' in z3.

- Foreshadow: Week 7 will be an easier week


Workout: Week 5 of 10

- 45'  

- Workload last week was 9' per round/18' total

- This week workload is 10' per round/20' total


Warm up

10' easy running, slowly building into mid zone 2

3x20" pick up to 5k feel, 40" easy aka just shuffling around. 

2' back to zone 2 feel/pace. 

(15' warm up)


Main Set x2

2' mid/upper zone 2

6' zone 3 - building

2' low zone 4

4' Easy - using the 1st 1' to shuffle easy then 3' in low/mid zone 2. 

(14' rounds/28' set/43' total) 

*Remember to build within that 8' segment of z2-3-4, don't try to force the HR up because you'll end up slowing down on the back end and limiting the potential of this workout. 


Warm down

2' finish at a super easy pace 


Next week we'll break it up a bit differently, giving you active recovery and breaking up 10' blocks just a tad. 

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