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SST 2017 #5 of 10 - Daily Workout 08.31.17

August 31, 2017

Happy Last Day of August! I hope everyone has an enjoyable Labor Day weekend and that West Virginia University whoops up on Virginia Tech in football! Montani Semper Liberi


Alrighty, down to business. Kicking things into week 5 of 10 for this SST build up. Next time around I should probably map these all out ahead of time, but as for now, I'm going week by week and hopefully hitting that end goal of 20' non-stop effort at SST range (70-95ish% of FTP).  


Recap: Click on previous weeks for workout

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5: Going back to a longer SST segment of 10' vs last week it was two segments of 5' each within each round. Adding 1' of 85-95% per round and dropping 1' of 75-80% per round. Total work load is still 30' but with 5' recovery after each 10' of work. That'll start to taper off as the weeks go on, getting closer to that 20' non-stop effort. 

Week 7: Recovery week on the horizon. 


Warm up:

10' easy and building towards low end zone 2

3x(30" high cadence/30" soft pedal) 

2' zone 3 (mid to low range) 

1' zone 4 (mid range) 

2' easy - aka 50% of FTP

2' @60% of FTP

(20' warm up) 


Main Set: 3 rounds

3' @75-80% wattage or 80-85% HR 

4' @85-95% w or 85-100% HR

3' @75-80% wattage or 80-85% HR

3' @50% w or easy effort to get HR back into zone 2 

2' @60% w or HR in mid/low z2

(15' rounds/45' set/65' total) 


Warm down: 

- Take a few extra minutes to spin easy here, if/as needed



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