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Cappy Special - Daily Workout 09.08.17

September 8, 2017

This workout comes hot off the press! Created for none other than Jeff Caplan as he prepares for Ironman Chattanooga. I realized the last few swims I have given him focused on distance and there were not many hard efforts in there. In order to keep those energy systems primed for what can be a chaotic swim start, I dished out this workout to Sir Cappy this morning. 


Time: ~1:10

Distance: 3300 yards


Warm up:
3x300 on 30" rest
- #1: Choice
- #2: 50 kick/50 swim w/fins
- #3: 50 drill/50 swim w/fins
-- Do a drill Maria has given you in recent weeks that you need to work on.

-- One drill that I've had Jeff do from time to time is hold a tennis ball under his chin. He has a bad habit of looking forward instead of looking down, which causes his hips to drop. You'd press the tennis ball under your chin and hold it to your collar bone. Give it a try! 
(900 WU)

Main Set:
3x200 pull on 20" rest
- Desc #1-3 to finish around 80% - aka not too hard
8x50 on 1:10 interval
- Desc 2-2-2-2 to 85%
3x150 on 20" rest
- Focus on your form here, so whatever drill you were working on, keep that in mind. Also keep your head down (like holding a softball with your chin)
6x50 on 1:10 interval
- Desc 2-2-2 to 90%
3x100 on 10" rest
- Steady 75% here, might sting a little from the 50's you just did.
4x50 on 1:10 interval
- 2@90%
- 2@95%
(2200 main set/3100 total)

Warm down
4x50 easy swimming on 1:15 interval

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