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Productivity Playlists - Music Monday 09.11.17

September 11, 2017

I thrive when listening to music, especially when working. Otherwise I find myself listening too intently to outside sounds and conversations. I've come up with a few playlist myself but also have subscribed to some others that are effective for me in the workplace. 


Key aspects: These are all or mostly "non-verbal", aka no lyrics to distract me, which is clutch! 


Here are my go-to playlist and some new ones to try out: 


Outside sources: 

- Productive Morning by Spotify

I found it this morning, but so far so good! 

- This is: Explosions In The Sky by Spotify

I've listened to this band for years and created my own playlist for my favorites, which I'll link below. 

- This is: Sigur Ros by Spotify

Super weird band from Iceland. There are some lyrics but typically I can't understand what they are saying anyway, so it doesn't distract me. I found this a week ago and have listened to it quite a lot since then.


Onto my playlist: 

- Animals as Leaders

Metal band with no lyrics. Crazy good guitar skills. New playlist so I haven't edited out any songs yet, but I plan on it, right now it's just their full library of materials. 

- Explosions in the Sky

There are my favorite tracks from their albums, excluding any motion picture soundtracks.

- The Glitch Mob

I typically listen to this group when doing training plans or if I need a boost of energy. More of a EDM vibe and some songs have lyrics but not a lot... or I've just tuned them out over time. 

- Non-Verbal

A playlist that has a lot of Explosions in the Sky but also Goonies Never Say Die, and This Will Destroy You. Pretty solid playlist but with the mix of groups the vibe is all over the place and sometimes switches too much for my liking. 


There you have it, my "go-to" productivity playlist, aka stuff I listen to whenever I'm at the computer. Enjoy! And if you have any feedback, I'm happy to hear it. 

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