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September Strength workouts - Daily Workout 09.11.17

September 11, 2017

Typically I'll just give you a workout a day, but I realize if there's something I actually hope you utilize then I should lay it all out in the beginning. That's what I'm doing with these September Strength workouts. I gave you a glimpse at one last week, but here are the rest. Use as you see fit but always consult with your doctor first to make sure you're healthy enough for these activities. If they are too strenuous, then adapt and change them as you need to. I change a few of these based on available gear (or lack of gear). 


Quick Notes

- Odd workouts have a gym component. Nothing too fancy and most condo or apartment gyms should have this gear, otherwise, as I said, improvise and adjust - just do your best. 

- Even workouts are all body weight exercises. 

- You'll notice the workout listed and below are links to video's that will help show you how it should be done, or at least the way I'm looking for it to be done. 

- I'll do 2-4 of these a week and just rotate #1-6 until the end of the month. Or if you have no gym, just do #2/4/6 each week. 


Strength #1: 3 rounds – circuit format

OH Squats x10 - use only a PVC pipe - mainly working on flexibility here

TRX Pull Ups x8 (don't make it too hard to start)
Bridges x10 (hold at the top for a 2" count)
Yoga PU x5
Hollow Hold/Arch: 30" each

Bird Dog Elbow x5/side
Clam Shells: x10/side


- OH Squat coach ed:

- OH Squat:
- TRX/Jungle Gym Pull ups:
- Bridges:
- Yoga PU – “Dive Bomber”:
- Hollow/Arch Hold:
- Bird Dog Elbow:
- Clam Shells:


Strength #2: 4 rounds – circuit format

10 burpees

50 flutter kicks (25 per leg)

30” wall sit

10 leg lifts (2” up and 2” down count)

5 Spiderman push-ups (that’s 5 per leg for 10 total push-ups)

30” Plank


- Squat burpee:

- Flutter Kicks:

- Wall Sit:

- Spiderman Intro:

- Spiderman PU:

- Leg Lifts:

- Plank:


Strength #3: 3 rounds – circuit format

Chair of Death: x10 (just go to max flexibility and seek improvement week to week)

Lat Pulldown: x10

Farmers Walk/Carry: x20 steps (10 per leg)

Swiss Ball Hamstring Curl: x6

KB Swing: x10

KB Extensions: x10

Hip Adduction: x6 per leg


- Chair of Death:

- Lat Pulldown:

- Swiss Ball Hamstring Curl:

- Tim Ferris explains KB swing:

- KB extension:

- Hip Adduction – Laying down:


Strength #4: 4 rounds – circuit format

10 Lunge Jumps (5 per leg)

10 Superman Alternate

10 Side Lunge (5 per leg)

10 push up protraction

30” each of Hollow Hold/Arch

10 side leg lifts (10 each side)


- Lunge Jumps:

- Superman Alternate:

- Side Lunge:

- Push Up Protraction:

- Hollow/Arch Hold:

- Side Leg Lift:


Strength #5: 3 rounds – circuit format

Goblet Squats: x10

PU Renegade Row: x10 (5 rows per arm with 10 total push-ups)

Single Leg Bridge: x5/leg – hold for 1-2” at the top

PB Russian Twist: x10 total (10 full twist which = 5 per side)

KB Swing: x10

Turkish Get Up: x3 per arm (6 get ups per round)


- Goblet Squat:

- PU Renegade Row:

- Single Leg:

- PB Russian Twist:

- Tim Ferris explains KB swing:

- Turkish Get Up:


Strength #6: 4 rounds – circuit format

10 Bulgarian Split Squats (5 per leg)

10 Crossfit Sit ups

10 Reverse Lunges (5 per leg)

Plank Series: 20” right side, 20” center, 20” left side, 20” center – try to do non-stop

10 Push-ups

10 side leg lifts per side

10 hip adductors per leg


- Bulgarian Split Squat:

- Crossfit sit up:

- Reverse Lunge:

- Plank:

- Side Plank:

- Push up:

- Side Leg Lift:

- Hip Adduction – Laying down:


There you have it! Enjoy! 

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