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Tempo Tuesday Week 7 of 10 - Daily Workout 09.12.17

September 12, 2017

As promised, here's a recovery week workout. Typically during a recovery week I will try and keep a similar volume during the week (lighter load during the weekend workouts) but take out a majority of the intervals/up tempo efforts. So this workout may seem "easy" based on previous weeks... well that's because it is, on purpose. 


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Week 7: Recovery Week! 


Workout: Week 7 of 10

- 45'  

- Last week each round was: 4' z2, 4' z3, 3' z4 per round, a 10' mixer.

- This week: 2' z2, 2' z3, 1' z4 - we're touching base on all the zones but spending half time there from last week


Warm up: 

10' easy running, slowly building into mid zone 2

3x20" pick up to 5k feel, 40" easy aka just shuffling around. 

2' back to zone 2 feel/pace. 

(15' warm up)


Main Set x2

2' mid/upper zone 2

2' zone 3 - building

1' low zone 4

10' Easy - aka low zone 2

(15' rounds/30' set/45' total) 


Warm down: 

Use the last few min of the main set to run easier and cool down.  


We'll bump things back up next week and start working towards that 20' non-stop goal! 

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