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Tempo Tuesday Week 9 of 10 - Daily Workout 09.26.17

September 27, 2017

It's the final countdown!! Gosh I love that song. We're on week 9 of 10 here for Tempo Tuesday... giving me two weeks to come up with another catchy title/theme... ahhh I mean we're just one week shy of our goal, 20' in the tempo range. 


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Workout: Week 9 of 10

- 50'  

- Last week each round was: 4' of each segment, giving you 12' of work in each set, 24' total for the day. 

- This week: Doing one round, 17' of work, getting it done! Be sure to build within this and don't try to hit the top HR or pace right off the bat. Control will be key! 


Warm up: 

10' easy running, slowly building into mid zone 2

5x20" pick up to 5k feel, 40" easy aka just shuffling around. 

5' back to zone 2 feel/pace. 

(20' warm up)


Main Set

6' mid/upper zone 2

6' zone 3 - building

5' low zone 4

(17' set/37' total) 


Warm down: 

3' shuffle, aka super easy/barely moving jogging

10' Easy running, low end zone 2 or less, just recovering and shaking out the effort for today. 

- Total: 50' 

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