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Masters Swim - Daily Workout 09.27.17

September 27, 2017

I'm celebrating today because I got to be on deck this morning! As much as I would have loved to swim, it's great to be on deck every once in a while. Here's the workout I gave the group, hopefully you enjoy it as much as they did! 


Total Distance: 3,400


Warm up: 

300 getting loose

-- 2 rounds -- 

2x50 kick - focus on the up-kick, not just the down kick. Trying to engage your hamstrings and glues on this one. 

4x50 drill

- Round 1: Zipper/Thumbsie:

- Round 2: Hold the paddle:

2x100 swim - focus on the drills you just did and either keeping a high elbow (zipper drill) or popping your elbow out to the side of the pool to start your stroke (Hold the Paddle drill). 

(1300 warm up) 


Pull Set

400 cruise on 30" rest

300 on 20" rest

- done as 50 cruise/25 push (repeat 4x for a 300) 

200 on 20" rest

- Build by 50

100 strong - 1' rest

- 80-85% effort 

(1000 pull, 2300 total) 


Main Set: 2 rounds - all on 20" rest but +20" after the 50 before you start round 2





- Goal here is to Descend with the distance, so make sure the 200 is mellow and the 50 is fast! 

(1000 set, 3300 total) 


Warm down

100 easy

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