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Friday Sprint Set - Daily Workout 09.29.17

September 29, 2017

It's a great day when I get to be on deck and it's a doozie of a week when I get to do it twice! Here's today's workout that I got to dish out... while it's fun to suffer in the pool, it's even better creating an environment where others can suffer together and grow stronger because of it. 


Warm up: 20" rest on all

300 on your own

4x75 as 50 swim/25 fast kick

4x100 as 50 drill/50 swim

4x125 - Desc #1-4 with #4 only being 80% - still pretty mellow

(1500 warm up) 


Pull Set: 

4x150 on 20" rest

- #1: 100 cruise/50 push

- #2: 50 cruise/50 push/50 cruise

- #3: 50 push/100 cruise

- #4: All push

200 easy - no gear, just shaking it out before going hard

(800 set/2300 total) 


Main Set: 


- rotation rest: 3-4 people in a lane, #1 sprints a 50, when they touch, #2 goes. And so on until everyone in the group has done 4x50's a piece. So depending on how many people are in your lane and how fast y'all swim, that will change your rest interval. 

200 Easy


- Rotation rest: Split to have 1-2 people on the opposite side to balance things out. 

200 easy warm down

(700 set/3000 total) 

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