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Treadmill Intervals/Hills wk1: Daily Workout 12.05.17

December 5, 2017

As the winter months approach I find myself spending more and more time indoors and on a treadmill. I do this for many factors including safety, warmth, but also because I need to sweat to help with a skin condition that flares up in the winters. I applaud those year round outdoor runners, I used to be one of them, but now I'm a bit more flexible and probably a little less hardcore, but I'm fine with that. 


As I prepare for Publix 13.1 in Atlanta, GA with the Kyle Pease Foundation I will begin to amp up my training and figured some intervals and hills on the treadmill would be good for me. I've got 14 weeks till race day and training for a 1:45, knowing I'll be racing around 2:00 but while pushing a KPeasey athlete as part of a team. 


I'll be using a mix of Hansons Half Marathon plan with my own twist to get some more "hills" in via the Treadmill. 



Treadmill Pace calculator


Week 1: 


Warm up: 

1 mile, mostly mellow - 2:00 slower than goal pace


Main Set x8


1' @6% incline and 6.0mph (giving me a 8:02 pace, close to that 8:00 pace goal while only have to change one thing, the incline - this will get faster down the road, as it gets closer to 5-10k pace, but this will do for this week)

2' Easy, back at 6.0mph and either 0 or 1% incline. 


1' @1% incline and 8.0mph (think more of a 5k interval) 

2' Easy, between 5.8 and 6.0mph at zero to 1% incline

(24' main set) 


Warm down

1/2 to 1 mile easy warm down, getting slower as time goes on. 


- Roughly 44' set for myself. Adjust as needed and use the Treadmill pace calculator to find the speed and incline that is best suited for you! 

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