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Medley swim set: Daily Workout 12.08.17

December 9, 2017

Still playing a bit of catch up! But here's Friday's swim set! It's one I gave on deck a week or two back, good times had by all! 


This is a medley set, so when I say "IM desc x round" it's not your Ironman pace, that's Individual Medley that should be getting faster with each round! 


Warm up: 

10' solo - roughly 500 here (I do 300 swim then 200 of kick/swim x50 w/fins on) 

4x150 on 30" rest

- 25 kick/drill/swim by stroke (per 150, not each stroke within a 150). 

(1100 warm up) 


Main Set - 4 rounds going in IM order. All stroke and kick work in round #1 is Fly, round 2 is Back, then Breaststroke, and finally Free on round #4. 

100 IM - Desc by round on 20" rest

2x75 - freestyle on 1:15-1:30 interval

3x50 on 20" rest

- Odds: Kicking

- Even: Stroke

4x25 strong stroke on 35-40" interval

100 easy and 1' rest before starting the next round

(600 per round/2400 set/3500 total) 


That last 100 is your warm down so you are done! 

- Total 3500. 

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