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Treadmill Hills Week 10: Daily Workout 02.27.18

February 27, 2018

After a few weeks off I'm back to bring you the final workout of the hill build up! Which honestly isn't much different than the last week but adding some commentary on how to adjust for your specific race demands. 



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Week 10: Build as you wish


Notes for moving forward with this set

Three rounds of 5 for a main set is pretty solid and why I wouldn't really want to go above that, unless it was for a purpose. This is where you have to make the decision of "what makes sense"? 


Hogpen Hill Climb: Have 1 or 2 sets of a mile repeat at 7-9% grade with 1 mile recovery. This simulates the back half of the course. 


Chattanooga 70.3: Rolling run but make sure you toss in 1 to 3 sets of a 1-2min steep incline that happens on the run course. 


Building fitness: Then you can play with the recovery time period and also play around with the speed/pace you're running the hills on. Be smart and make smaller adjustments in the short term that will lead to long term sustainability and health. 


Warm up

1 mile, mostly mellow - 2:00 slower than goal pace


Main Set: x3

5' @6.0mph and 6% incline (8:02 pace)

5' @5.8mph and 0% incline to recover, you can bump back up to 6.0mph the last minute if you'd like, but otherwise take advantage of the recovery portion. 

(30' main set)


Warm down

1/2 mile easy warm down, getting slower as time goes on. 


- Enjoy the challenge and continue to work this set into your routine, even though it might not be needed weekly, but perhaps every 10-14 days so you keep the strength you've build during these 10 weeks. 

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